Saga Gnassingbe

image description Saga Gnassingbe Head of Business Saga Gnassingbe was born in Siou (Togo/west Africa), in 1970. He received a Bachelor Degree of Communications Engineering from  Fachhochschule für Technik Esslingen in 1995 and a Master Degree of Electrical Engineering (Information Technology) from University of Stuttgart in 2008.

He is Head of Business and Principal Engineer at European Communications Engineering Ltd. Before joining ECE Ltd in 2004, Saga Gnassingbe was System Consultant at Nokia Networks in Düsseldorf/Germany.

Saga Gnassingbe has over 10 years of experience as technical trainer in international environment for the following domains: UMTS/HSPA and EPC/LTE network architecture, UMTS/HSPA and EPC/LTE procedures (call control, session management, mobility management, radio resource management, QoS management), WCDMA/LTE radio planning and dimensioning, RAN/eRAN performance monitoring as well as RAN/eRAN parameter optimization.

He has contributed in several projects, providing hands-on consultancy in the area of radio network planning, performance monitoring and optimization. Some of his last assignments were at Detecon International in Cologne/Germany, Qualcomm Technologies in Nürnberg/Germany, Ericsson France in Paris/France and Huawei Technologies in Bonn/Germany.