The puzzle of the ubiquitous 5G network

In several 5G discussions, it is unclear whether 5G will be provided solely for dense urban areas, or applied also for other areas. Further, it is equally unclear, whether the 5G service is mostly for outdoor or for indoor purposes, and also whether the provided 5G services are best suited for enterprises or consumers. New applications of connected cars and unmanned cars will naturally emphasise the improvement of outdoor service. However, both consumers and enterprises should be served
both in outdoor and in indoor locations!

On top of this there is indeed the question how the 3GPP based networks can compete against terrestrial and internet space race solutions like WiFi, Satellite, Google Loon and Facebook Aquila.

Then who will be the winner?
Who will acquire consumers, and who will acquire enterprises, or both…?
Is there any special strategy for consumer and for enterprise market?

This is becoming a puzzle, and can be highlighted with a SWOT analysis. Do a small test and use the SWOT in the following way:
Put “Outdoor – Indoor” for x-axis, and “Consumer – Enterprise” for Y-axis, and mark all technologies at correct places.
What do you see? What kind of analysis can you do?

Maybe the 5G is not and cannot be the overall ubiquitous solution that the fragmented 5G discussion seem to hope …


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