Professional R&D

Professional R&D focuses on ECE’s core business area's i.e.

  • 5G planning aspects (transition from 2GHz up to 30GHz)
  • Performance aspects of Connected Cars / IoT solutions
  • Strategic views of RAN evolution 
  • Performance improvements of disaster scenarios

In 5G studies, ECE’s in-house full 3D sAGA Ray-Tracing software has been used to achieve maximal accuracy in the results.

Strategic views of RAN evolution is a framework including 12 separate topics to be studied and presented.

Recently, also the following research projects have been finished:

  • Femto cell monitoring and optimizing concept in co-operation of Bronze Awarded Celtic HomesNet project
  • Multi antenna cell configuration and simulation environment
  • Maximal macro cell capacities with higher order sectoring and adaptive antenna concepts have been studied yielding new Radio Access scenarios with superior frequency reuse for future mobile networks
  • Cloud Computing with a Hadoop based data mining platform for Terabyte data mining activities
  • Cloud Computing with business models from O&M approach to new concepts related to end users' devices.
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